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Hello, hackers & privacy advocates!
Historically, privacy was almost implicit, because it was hard to find and gather information. But in the digital world, whether it’s digital cameras or satellites or just what you click on, we need to have more explicit rules – not just for governments but for private companies.

-Bill Gates
Sphere homepage
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This digital world is offering us a lot of luxury, its not limited to any profession or community, everybody is using it hence everybody is facing its negative aspects too, we all have witnessed data breaches, ransomware attacks, WannaCry, bad rabbit and the list goes on and the prime target of all these attacks was privacy. people who have little knowledge about how to protect their privacy, who don’t know about VPN, tor, proxy server and they connect to internet through a browser without knowing the fact that all their actions on internet are processed and stored on some server and cloud out there, they are most vulnerable to cyber attacks, most browser out there do not have any built-in facility to protect privacy, they store a lot of data about the user locally and on cloud.

Sphere can be the all in one solution of all the problem, it’s a browser with lots of features to strengthen our privacy, to give anonymity, to protect us from attacks like man in the middle attacks and can be used by anyone without much technical understanding, just follow the steps as shown in the video and you will be good to go.


The browser allows the changing of identities in the Internet in a few clicks using various types of connection. The software has no server or any other bindings and is absolutely free. All locally kept information on sessions is encrypted with a very reliable encryption method guaranteeing that it is impossible to read it even after removal of the media, where the software is installed. All dynamic data that the software handles during its operation is stored in the RAM, making it unreachable for most other spying solutions that can be installed on the computer. You can upload data of your sessions in the encrypted form to transfer them to other users or for further use. All uploaded data have no binding to a certain browser and are fully operational for any software instance.

Sphere supports the following connection types:
  1. No Proxy: use of real IP address of the user.
  2. Tor: use of onion network
  3. http: use of proxy of http type
  4. Socks5: use of proxy of Socks5 type
  5. SSH Tunnel: use of a tunnel
  6. TOR + SSH Tunnel: use of binding of an onion network and a tunnel
  1. Unzip the compressed folder

    Code: Select all

    $ unzip sphere_nix -d sphere
  2. Navigate into /sphere

    Code: Select all

    $ cd sphere
  3. Make executable

    Code: Select all

    $ chmod +x
  4. Finally run execute Sphere Browser

    Code: Select all

    $ ./
    More info:

    >>Download Linux Sphere Browser<<
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